Google “responsible development”

I am not suggesting that you perform a Google search for “responsible development.”   I just want to call attention to the demise of the “Responsible Development of AI Advisory Council” at Google.   It was just last week that Google announced the formation of the Advisory Council, intended to debate potential policy related to Artificial Intelligence.   They started announcing persons who were going to serve on the Advisory Council.   One of the persons named was Kay Coles James.

The histrionics from Google staffers were immediate and intense.   Tantrums were thrown and a clamor of angry rhetoric consumed much energy and attention for a couple of days.   Google promptly caved, and today they announced the dissolution of the Advisory Council.   Evidently placating the SJW staffers at Google was much more important than any effort to get ahead of the plethora of ethical pitfalls that beset the development of artificial intelligence.... [Read More]