Knowledge Base: Including Images in Group Posts and Comments

The “Groups” facility in is based upon the Group feature of BuddyPress, which is a plug-in (or more precisely, bolt-on) to WordPress which was intended to turn what was originally blogging software into a crude kind of social network, with emphasis on “crude”.  BuddyPress can best be thought of as a kludge hanging in a bag crookedly nailed to the side of the hack which is WordPress.  Much of the work expended in software development since the launch of Ratburger has been in fixing outright flaws and limitations of BuddyPress.  Raw BuddyPress is something to behold: group posts and comments, once posted, cannot be edited or deleted, except by an administrator, and there is near complete opacity about what is going on, with notifications completely haphazard.

The whole Groups facility is a hack.  The way a discussion group add-on to WordPress should work is self-evident to anybody who gives it a few minutes’ thought: each group should be its own little site, with its own posts and comments, but with notifications confined to members.  Posts could be promoted from groups to public pages by administrators.  All of the composition, editing, and administration functions should be identical for the main site and groups.... [Read More]


On the subject of Korea…

On the subject of Korea, I visited South Korea about a dozen times with my previous employer. I have found some scans of photographs I had taken on one of my trips in February of 1986. I share them here to sort of let you know the type of war footing that the South considered themselves under.

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Knowledge Base: Resizing Images

When you include an image in a comment or post with the “Add Media” button, you’ll be asked to select the size at which it will be displayed in a box at the right.  You’re usually given options like:

  • Thumbnail
  • Medium Size
  • Full Size

with the dimensions in pixels of each option shown.  The options shown depend upon the size of the image you uploaded.... [Read More]


Knowledge Base: Including Images in Comments on Posts

When you’re writing a comment on a post and wish to include an image, it can seem puzzling, since the mechanism is entirely different from that used when you add an image to a main post.  Why?  Because the image facility for main posts is a WordPress built-in feature while the comment composition editor is a plug-in by a third party which does not conform to the same interface.  It would be nice if it did, but, not wishing to implement everything from scratch, we work with what’s available.  Once you get used to it, including images in comments isn’t all that painful.  Let’s dig into it.

You insert images in comments by clicking the icon at the right of the comment composition box that looks like a mountain range (that’s supposed to suggest a picture).  When it pops up, you’ll see the following dialogue:... [Read More]