Donald Trump Tweets KH-11 Spy Satellite Image

Yesterday, President Trump tweeted an annotated image of the Iranian launch site where an explosion apparently destroyed a satellite launch vehicle during launch preparations.

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Shiite Shenanigans

Oil tankers were attacked in the Gulf of Oman. This is just over a month since the previous attacks in the Persian Gulf. Houthi rebels in Yemen, a client project of Iran, attacked oil wells and pipelines and an airport in Saudi Arabia.

The Mullahs of Iran are trying to raise the price of oil, to create a better market for their black market oil that they are trying to sell around President Trump’s sanctions. ... [Read More]


Politico on Obama, the Iran Deal, and Hezbollah

It’s a long read, but worth the time. Hezbollah funneling cocaine into the US for cash, US attempts to end it, and how they got away with it because ending it interfered with Obama’s desire for the Iran nuclear deal.