TOTD 2018/5/15: The Ideal and the Real

Why is it that so many of President Trump’s critics seem to have trouble comprehending that the real world does not operate or conform to abstract ideological principles?

Perhaps, as James Day Hodgson observes in American Senryu, what is fundamentally at issue is the inability of the innocent to understand evil:... [Read More]


Diplomacy, Machiavelli, and the Art of the Deal

Per EThompson’s recommendation in the comments to my last post, I will share James Day Hodgdon’s verse on Machiavellianism and diplomacy from American Senryu:

Cynics first dictum:
For persuasion to succeed,
Conceal the intent.... [Read More]


TOTD 2018/5/8: Ambassadorial Wisdom

As some of you all know, I lived in Japan as a young child.  During the mid-to-late 1970s, my father was a U.S. Customs representative assigned to the embassy in Tokyo and my mother taught Spanish at an all-girls Catholic school.  My dad’s first boss during his tenure was Ambassador James Day Hodgson, who before being appointed to that position by Gerald Ford, had served as Secretary of Labor under Richard Nixon.

In 1992, Hodgson published a book titled American Senryu: Verses by a Former Ambassador.  I purchased a copy in 1993 on a visit to Tokyo, and the tome remains one of my most valued possessions, for the wisdom contained therein is timeless.... [Read More]



A few nights ago, I watched the latest iteration of the Godzilla film franchise from the Toho Company: Shin Godzilla, released in 2016. A reboot of the franchise rather than a sequel and set in the present day, Shin Godzilla tells the story of the mighty monster’s rise from the perspective of the Japanese prime minister and his cabinet.... [Read More]