The Great Disconnect

Imagine being part of an organization in which the coordinators expected you and your colleagues to produce, meaningfully and with increasing depth. If you didn’t, you would face consequences.

Now let’s turn up the pressure. You and your fellows number in the hundreds per group leader.  And as if to heighten the lack of warmth, organizers have you meet throughout the day in large random groupings, so it’s impossible to get acquainted with more than a few people.  The maze-like building, in a place where promptness is paramount,  makes the setting more impersonal.

Yet it’s profoundly personal, too.  You are surrounded by hostile souls who for whom the idea of constructive output seems alien, and they do what they can to impede the production process.  They invest their energies into treating you and one another maliciously–creating salacious rumors, calling names, excluding.  Their conversation and writings fixate on the obscene.... [Read More]