How about Some Brass Band Music?

L'Avenir de Lignières, Concert annuel 2019Tonight was the annual concert of my village’s brass band, L’Avenir.  The brass band has two major concerts per year, in the spring and at Advent, and performs at events such as the 1er août and Désalpe.  The band often has joint concerts with other bands in the region, both in Lignières and their homes, and competes in regional and national contests and has historically performed very well for a volunteer band from a village of around 1000 people.

Vin: membre d'honneurThe concerts turn out a substantial fraction of the village.  I’m not skilled at estimating crowds, but this one pretty much filled up the school gymnasium where it was held, and I’d guess there were around 350 people there.  I rarely miss a concert, but this was one where attendance was obligatoire, because I was to be made an honorary member of the band due to my support over the last quarter century.  (If you knew how rudimentary my musical talent is, you’d appreciate what an honour this is.)  I got a specially inscribed magnum of Neuchâtel Pinot Noir and applause from the crowd.... [Read More]