This Week’s Book Review – Overruled

Looking for a good read? Here is a recommendation. I have an unusual approach to reviewing books. I review books I feel merit a review. Each review is an opportunity to recommend a book. If I do not think a book is worth reading, I find another book to review. You do not have to agree with everything every author has written (I do not), but the fiction I review is entertaining (and often thought-provoking) and the non-fiction contain ideas worth reading.... [Read More]


less clear

It was a major project.   Multiple billions of dollars involved, with dozens of interested parties, dozens of consultants, multiple government agencies and quasi-government organizations, plus five activist groups.   The Environmental Impact Statement had been held up by a lawsuit for years, and all the interested parties had lawyers involved on one side or the other.  After ten years they were down to one particular issue.  The state agency convinced everyone else to sign off on the EIS, with the proviso that the engineering study for that particular issue would be re-done on the basis of a new analysis, and that the affected portion of the project would wait until the engineering study was signed by all the affected participating agencies.  So about a billion dollars’ worth of the work was waiting on the study, while the remainder of the project got started.

The project would take several years, so there was plenty of slack time to get the engineering study done.   After a couple of false starts, I was put in charge of the engineering study.  After four months of analysis, I had enough to start writing the report, while the remaining analysis work continued.   I read the previous work on the issue, and then set aside and wrote a fresh report from a new start.... [Read More]