I don’t know who broke this story.  So far it looks like it was first noticed by Steve Krakauer.  National Review jumped on it early, as did

At the Confirmation Hearing for Judge Amy Coney Barrett, there was this exchange.  Mazie Hirono was on the attack and offered this criticism:... [Read More]


Leveraging the FBI against a right-wing couple

One anonymous tip from a Leftist cost this couple more than four years and many thousands of dollars and their status is still in limbo.

The Antifa activist who submitted the fake tip to the FBI abt me, delaying my visa by years, didn’t just cause heartache by separating my wife & I by 1000s of miles.

That person stopped us from being able to have a family. Four years now. And (biologically) running out of time.

— Jack

I have questions.

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Iconoclast Awokening

Here at, we seem to be in agreement that what the Left wants is the downfall of western civilization and a re-making of America into a Leftist totalitarian state.

If you need evidence to convince your friends that this is what the Left wants, here is a survey reported in an essay at Quillette.

“The Great Awokening and the Second American Revolution”

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TOTD 2018-06-22: Cultural Sadomasochism

I’ve always been infuriated by people whining about the US and how oppressive it is.  There’s this constant moaning about how victimized they are and oh the humanity think of the children it’s like Donald Trump is raping us all.   This is coming from people who are in secure, well-paying jobs or people going to school on other people’s money.  It’s like bragging about how victimized you are. Continue reading “TOTD 2018-06-22: Cultural Sadomasochism”


Cynicism of the Leftist Elites – On Equality

One thing that we often hear about the left is that they want equality. As Jordan Peterson warns us, what they really want is equality of outcome and that is a recipe for disaster. What I want to talk about is that they say they want equality but I don’t think they really do want it. They just SAY they want it. And they say that they want it because that ideal (or value) is well established in the left all over the world and it sounds good and there are many people who will follow them, vote for them and support them just because of these preprocessed Marxist terms.

Let’s look at Cuba or North Korea or China. Do they have equality of outcome? How about equality of opportunity? Answer: neither. There are rules and outcomes for the elites of these societies that don’t apply to most of their citizens. This was especially true in the Soviet Union where there were special stores for special people.... [Read More]