Priest sacked by MIT for thinking precisely

The thought police raised a small ruckus and got the Archdiocese of Boston to instruct a priest to resign from his job as a chaplain at MIT.

Father Daniel Moloney had written an e-mail that succinctly reviewed Catholic thinking on sin, justice and mercy.   He remarked on some allegations, including that Officer Chauvin acted from racist motivation, that are going around in common parlance but that are not known facts.   Father Moloney’s note got circulated, misquoted, mischaracterized and distorted, including by MIT officials.  The Archdiocese immediately adopted some of the mischaracterizations and promptly caved.... [Read More]


Cancel Culture: When you’ve Lost MIT…

MIT logoRecently we discussed how Richard Stallman had been hounded out of his long-term positions at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the Free Software Foundation (which he founded).  Well, if there’s one thing you can depend upon with Social Justice Warrior (SJW) outrage mobs, one scalp is never enough, and they have to keep nailing them to the rubble of institutions they’re destroying until they completely collapse.

Now they’re going after Prof. Seth Lloyd, a pioneer in the field of quantum computing, author of Programming the Universe, and explorer of the ultimate physical limits to computation.  Prof. Lloyd cited funding from Jefferey Epstein in 19 of his published papers, and is claimed to have visited Epstein in prison.  On 2019-08-22, Lloyd published a letter in which he apologised for his associations with Epstein.  Apologies and groveling only incite the mob.... [Read More]