What Dad listened to

Dad died a year and a half ago.   Gee I miss him.   I was very fortunate to have him for so long; he was 85.   I saw Fathers Day mentioned today, so when I got a chance to kick back this evening, I went to listen to the stuff he listened to.  I was never musical much, though I enjoy singing in church.   I also was never much into pop music.  Not rock and roll, either.  I was a jazz fan, because Dad was a jazz fan.   We lived within radio range of the public radio station at the University of Tennessee, and they played jazz in the evenings beginning shortly before my bedtime.

I still have some of Dad’s favorites on real honest vinyl, but since we moved to new digs in February I have not found the time to set up the turntable.  So here is a Youtube link to one of our favorites.   Bossa nova.  Enjoy; this is Stan Getz on saxophone, but the thing that makes the album shine is the fabulous guitar of Charlie Byrd.... [Read More]


The Sock Puppet asked for a music post

This is all I could find today.  This is what you get when you allow the airline gorillas to handle a very expensive 17th-century viola da gamba (a precursor of the cello).  The musician was told that her flight was full so she could not buy an extra seat for the $200K instrument.  She reluctantly handed it over to go as checked luggage.  I assume it was insured, but this had to be devastating for her.

... [Read More]