TOTD 2018-10-04: A Hill to Fight On

My friend has always been a snarky libertarianish conservative, very cynical about political causes.  However, when he talks about Kavanaugh, he is furious.  He voted already,and has been much more active in political discussions – even trying to get a job with a campaign.

The formerly squishy, comity-at-all-costs Senator Graham has been a font of righteous indignation.  In addition to his unloading both barrels on the Dem on the committee and calling out their blatant partisan exploitation, he has been getting really snarky off-the-cuff.  In response to a protestor whining about the need to give Kavanaugh  a polygraph, he dropped a Monty Python reference: “Why don’t we dunk him in water and see if he floats?”... [Read More]