The Bull-wark

“I think the need for a rational, non-Trumpist forum was more urgent than ever,” Sykes added. “And I do think that contrary to some of the conventional wisdom, there is a market for center-right commentary that pushes back against Trumpism.”
Charlie Sykes will serve as editor-in-chief, and Kristol will be an editor-at-large.   A new internet opinion journal and news aggregator, or should we say aggravator?   Of course, favorable coverage for this “center-right” dreck is found at CNN:
Boring, repetitive and tense, they are.


TOTD 2018-04-20: How Does This End?

I happened on Erick Erickson’s twitter feed, and I was struck by how similar his attacks were to those I have grown accustomed to hearing from the Left.   His argument, in short, was that Christians should condemn Trump because he is not a good person.  It was much more smarmy than that.   It made me think about the feud in conservatism.  How will this end?   Many pundits have denounced their base in the vilest terms.  Where do they go from here?  Even if they drive Trump from office, people are not going to flock back to them.   Kurt Schlicter’s column is instructive.

I can offer some insight into the mindset, as I vitriolically hated Donald Trump in the primary.  I would have cheered his death – my Ricochet track record is pretty clear and cannot be hidden.  I actually left Ricochet after the Indiana Primary because I realized this was driving me crazy.   I thought he was a con man, or worse a Putin wannabe at the worst.  However, I never even considered voting for Hillary, as I thought she was worse in every possible way.... [Read More]


Too hot for CPAC

CPAC Nevers have censored a scheduled panel on free speech.

Pamela Geller worked for months on a panel discussion.  At the last minute, CPAC told her that the founder of Gateway Pundit would be banned because he “supports Nazis.”   Geller said she would not cancel anyone from speaking at a panel discussion on free speech.... [Read More]