QuislingCons expose themselves anew

The Lincoln Project is planning ads to attack vulnerable senators to pressure them to stonewall President Trump’s nominee to the Supreme Court.

This reveals that their hate for President Trump is not rooted in any “conservative principals.”  It is strictly condescending hate for President Trump and Trump voters.... [Read More]


The Bull-wark

“I think the need for a rational, non-Trumpist forum was more urgent than ever,” Sykes added. “And I do think that contrary to some of the conventional wisdom, there is a market for center-right commentary that pushes back against Trumpism.”
Charlie Sykes will serve as editor-in-chief, and Kristol will be an editor-at-large.   A new internet opinion journal and news aggregator, or should we say aggravator?   Of course, favorable coverage for this “center-right” dreck is found at CNN:
Boring, repetitive and tense, they are.


The Immorality of Trump

Is there a difference between political morals and personal morals?

When the ramping up and campaigning began in 2015, I was dismayed to see Donald Trump in the top half of the candidates who announced.   I perceived him as a bombastic arrogant New Yorker of low morals.   Is that an unfair characterization?... [Read More]


New York Times pursues intellectual diversity

They acknowledged that they lean Left.   Far Left.   They determined to hire additional conservative voices.   So they hired two “conservatives” away from the Wall Street Journal.

Of course, both of the new hires are NeverTrumps.... [Read More]


Clueless Jonah, 2018

A year and a half ago I wrote a post at R>, titled “Clueless Jonah.”   (It earned me no small amount of ricogrief, but no matter.)   Well, Jonah has only gotten worse since then.

Last week we got a laugh over a column that was shared here in a post by 10 Cents.  It was by Emerald Robinson, who was new to me.  Her column was an incisive takedown of the NeverTrumps.   She named names.   She mocked them and she shocked them.   My favorite line from Ms. Robinson’s column:... [Read More]


Ever Nevers

NeverTrumpers have had a lot of media attention lately. Most of this is editorials, not news, or, if news, it is simply recounting the latest chattering. Nevertheless, some recent nattering about Nevers was notable.

First up, there was a rash of Leftists pleading with Nevers to stay the course. They think the GOP is much better on account of the Nevers providing a drag anchor to impede conservatives’ progress. Here are two examples:... [Read More]