Bears or deer?

For the fifth time in as many weeks, a night creature has knocked down the fencing surrounding a portion of my side yard. I have this area fenced off for our doggies. Granted it’s not a very sturdy fence, the doggies weigh less than 20 lbs, (9.07 Kilograms), and their mass would not be enough to bring the fence down.

I have a bet with my wife as to if it’s a deer or a bear. I’m saying a bear. But how to prove it? I moved one camera from my security system to watch the back yard. It’s motion activated and well, we’ll see.

View from the camera while the doggies were out last night at 2239, or 10:39 PM. The spotlights were on, we typically dim them slightly overnight. The fence extends from the gate on the right to a corner at the tree line and then to left to intersect with a more solid chain link fence at my neighbor’s shed in the upper left.

In the mean time, I put in a call to the game commission, in hopes they would bring a humane bear trap to my area to get the perpetrator. They asked if I have a bird feeder or trash cans in the area that would be an interest to a bear. I said no bird feeder, the trash cans are at the other end of my property¬† and liberally dosed with ammonia to keep bears away from them. I’m expecting a call back from them to further explain my plight today.

So what will it be, a bear or a deer?


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