Zambia and PEPFAR

When I wrote my recent post on Burkina Faso, I happened to see a curious headline at one of the African websites. It told about an incident in which the U.S. Ambassador to Zambia skipped a speaking engagement on account of death threats. The death threats were on account of his remarks about homosexuality. What in sam hill is going on?

The internet is awesome, and my answer was easily found. There was angry reaction to public remarks by U.S. Ambassador Daniel L. Foote. He said things that were critical of a recent court case that convicted two men of sodomy and sentenced them to fifteen years in prison.

Ambassador Foote is a career State Department diplomat who has served in Iraq, Afghanistan, Dominican Republic, Haiti and Colombia. He is not some inexperienced political appointee who might be expected to shoot off his mouth in some unfamiliar culture. On the other hand, he was appointed in November, 2017, by President Obama. Continue reading “Zambia and PEPFAR”