Michael Rectenwald on Postmodernism, Social Justice, and Academic Conformity

Professor Michael Rectenwald of New York University used to describe himself as a “libertarian communist” and spent many years embedded in the leftist milieu of the academy.  He then underwent an awakening to the madness of political correctness, the social justice agenda, and the absurdity of postmodern intersectional critical studies of dozens of genders and began to speak out on Twitter, eventually publishing Springtime for Snowflakes, a book about his experiences and what he learned.

Here is an hour and a half interview of Prof. Rectenwald by Glenn Beck on the latter’s podcast.... [Read More]


I Know, You’d Never Even Think: Ratburger’s Got the Podcast Links

Here at Ratburger, the foremost site for civil discussion on the Internet, unencumbered by  adverts, pop-ups, glacial page loading times, and censors, we don’t (yet) have our own podcasts.  But we listen to them, from time to time.  And now, you can find all of your favourite podcasts right here, without frequenting legacy sites.

There’s a new drop-down on the Activity item on the main menu, “Podcasts”.  It displays a page (or pages, depending upon how many are shown), with links to the most recent two episodes of podcasts followed by Ratburger members.  When you click on the link, you’ll be taken to the site which hosts the podcast; each site may have its own interface to play, download, or otherwise consume its content.  Once you click, it’s on them, not on the rat on a bun.... [Read More]