Attitude boots for Liz

Ms. ET, I saw an article.  It was a hostile profile of Sidney Powell, the lawyer who took over General Michael Flynn’s defense.  It included a detail intended to somehow illuminate context.

I don’t know why it made me think you would want to see it, but here goes.

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A caper?   A caper is a crime.   In particular, a caper is a crime story that is so interesting that they made a movie or TV show about it.   “Caper” in common parlance over the past four decades or so is only used to describe a crime that is somehow flamboyant.

So, here is a headline from Politico.   It is currently featured at the default page on Google News:

“Giuliani and associate give conflicting accounts on origins of Ukrainian caper”

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Media v Evangelicals 2019 midyear update

Last year I wrote a dozen posts to report on the assaults by mass media on Evangelical Christians. I cited the many hatchet-job articles and a representative handful (out of many dozens) of editorials from mass media to document their collective attempt to suppress Trump voters and boost Democrat prospects in the 2018 midterm elections. Things quieted down after Christmas, but then heated up over abortion when a number of red states were working on bills to restrict abortion. The focus stayed on Culture of Death issues all spring, with a few occasional bursts of Catholic-bashing thrown in.

But now I see signs of a renewed energy in media attacks on Evangelicals. This looks like the ramp-up to 2020 campaigning. I am not alleging any conspiracy. All I am pointing out is that journalists as a group hate President Trump and hate the voters who put him in office. Since they are overwhelmingly irreligious, they neither understand nor wish to understand the concerns of Christians. ... [Read More]


Trumponomics vindicates TKC 1101

TKC 1101, you were right.   You have been consistently correct on the American economy.   I have enjoyed your anecdotal approach to the underlying economy, the bottom-up view that told us that President Trump was on the right track to put America back to work and make America great again.   The gang of smart people at BallDiamondBall are similarly vindicated.

You are going to enjoy this article, even though you have to go to National Review to read it.  Deroy Murdoch has a great article up, titled “Obama Didn’t Build That.”   D. Murdoch uses a few good illustrations to completely dismantle Obama’s efforts to take credit for the Trump economy.... [Read More]


Obama treason –Hezbollah

I figure most of y’all are plugged in to conservative niche media, so you at least saw a reference to a blockbuster story that appeared last week at Politico.  It is a very long and detailed investigative feature by Josh Meyer, and it lays forth how the DEA investigations into narco-trafficing by Hezbollah were halted by Team Obama in order to keep Obama’s Iran Deal moving forward.   It is a very damning report with a bunch of helpful links. [Read More]


Politico on Obama, the Iran Deal, and Hezbollah

It’s a long read, but worth the time. Hezbollah funneling cocaine into the US for cash, US attempts to end it, and how they got away with it because ending it interfered with Obama’s desire for the Iran nuclear deal.