Ali on Rush

I was a new engineer at a consulting firm in a Midwestern city. I joined them in 1991. I became good friends with an engineer named Ali, an immigrant from Turkey and a damn good engineer.

Ali had a curious habit. He would pack his lunch from home. At lunchtime, he would go sit in his car and listen to the radio. One of the guys mentioned it. It was a mystery in the office. Ali was not listening to music. They wondered if he was listening to a Turkish broadcast, but nobody had wanted to probe about what Ali was listening to.... [Read More]


Iron Men

Watching sports like football is the closest the average man comes to the contemplation of eternal things. The game is one of the only places left where we still find cheating to be cheating. We find glory in what is earned. We find corruption and repentance, honor, competence, vanity, and genuine humility.” – Father James V. Schall (1928-2019)

Father Schall, a prominent Catholic philosopher from Georgetown University, died earlier this year at the age of ninety-one.  At the time of Schall’s birth, American football was nearing the end of its childhood.  In the 1930s, football would begin to emerge as one of this country’s most popular sports.... [Read More]


Fraidy Cat Evangelicals

There is a Liberal strain of Evangelicalism that gets a lot of favorable coverage in Leftist Mass Media.   They are both political liberals and theological liberals.   The thing that makes them popular with Big Media is the way their spokespersons use credentials as “Christians” to bash American Christianity.   In particular, these are the liberal Evangelicals who are Democrats who oppose President Trump, and they oppose Christians who support President Trump.   So we are at the intersection of religion and politics and the culture war.   Lamestream media promote Leftist Christians as a way to drive a wedge between President Trump and his base.

I am writing to address one particular thing that gets said by liberal “Christians.”   I saw it recently on several Leftist blogs, where they were riffing on coverage of the release of a new book.   It did not generate much in the way of media coverage, primarily because Big Media was chasing Mueller investigation squirrels and Charlottesville anniversary racism squirrels.   However, I thought it worth addressing because we have seen it before and we will see it again.... [Read More]


Einstein Sails, Cuomo Doles, and Montesano Feeds Cat ONLY IN NEW YORK

Einstein was in Saranac Lake the summer of 1945, when the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima; he was in the kitchen at Knollwood’s Cabin Six when he heard the news on the radio. Albany Times Union reporter Richard Lewis, who interviewed him at Knollwood, quoted him saying

“In developing atomic or nuclear energy, science did not draw upon supernatural strength, but merely imitated the reaction of the sun’s rays.... [Read More]