Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture: “Whiteness”

The Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture , a taxpayer-funded Federal institution which opened in September, 2016 and funded in part by million dollar gifts from Microsoft and Google, has published a document on their Web site, “Whiteness”, which contains the following infographic, which I have broken up into two parts to fit better here.  Here is the first page, which continues after the break.

Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture: “Whiteness” 1/2

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White Women

I have noticed several stories over the past few weeks about white women voters. Also, I have seen fewer articles that appeared to be attacks on Evangelicals. In the heat of the 2018 campaigns, Big Media seems to have given up on wedging Evangelicals away from President Trump. They are now aiming at white women. They want to cry and bully and shame and scare enough white women to boost some sorry Democrats into office.

This is not so much a matter of articles. It has been a spate of editorials. The trick is that many of these editorials are hiding out in news pages instead of on opinion pages. When you are looking online, it is frequently hard to tell that you are clicking on an editorial until you are several paragraphs into the work. Big Media has quit separating news from opinion, and they have the idea that theirs are the only acceptable opinions. ... [Read More]


Who’s really at fault for the coarseness in the public sphere?

In listening to Scott Adams (here’s his periscope feed) this morning he pointed out that the media has turned into the very thing that they pretend to hate about President Trump. In reality, they have always been like the Trump fantasy as they portray him. I think Trump just used his natural personality and recognized that it works well in the political field — the political field that was created by the media. These are the people who instead of calling Jeb “low energy” called many many Republicans racists when they know it’s not true. But they did it for what they consider good causes.

This is slanderous behavior and far worse than anything Trump said about anyone. Even the kerfuffle with John McCain and calling him a loser for getting shot down (or however he phrased it) wasn’t as damning and evil and libelous as falsely calling someone a racist.... [Read More]


Race and Social Mobility

It’s always dangerous when the innumerate play with numbers. This recent NYT piece entitled Extensive Data Shows Punishing Reach of Racism for Black Boys is a good example. Just as every cloud has a silver lining, so does the data reported in the article contain some useful information. But first, the stupid part.

The following two graphs are presented to display the relationship between parental and offspring income for men (left) and women (right). The horizontal axis plots the income percentile of parents; the vertical axis is percentile for their offspring. For instance, the average white male from a 50-percentile (i.e., median-income) household will end up in the 56th percentile of income: upward mobility. On the other hand, one starting in the 90th percentile (Richie Rich) is likely to end up in the 67th percentile: a reversion to the mean. I’ve added a handy visual aid to the graphs, the diagonal line, that tells you something about social mobility. Individuals above the line will generally experience upward mobility; those below will tend to have downward mobility.... [Read More]