Half a million refugees are now fleeing to try to find safety after civilians were targeted by Syrian air strikes in areas held by the Turkish incursion.

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Refugiadas Venezolanas

We are about to face a new flood of economic refugees. We need border security as soon as we can get it. President Trump needs to mobilize Army and National Guard resources to aid Border Patrol and ICE to stem the anticipated flow.

Remember what a disaster it was for Europe when four million Syrians fled their homes? Perhaps our situation is not nearly so dire, but the United Nations is predicting two million people will flee Venezuela this year. That is a lot of refugees. Many will go to Brazil or other parts of South America. Columbia is the obvious first choice for many Venezuelans, but Columbia is already flooded with one and a quarter million Venezuelan refugees. Three million people have left Venezuela in the past two years. Venezuelans are going to be headed for America.... [Read More]


Too Hot for YouTube

Pat Condell’s most recent video, “A Word to the Google Feminists”, was removed by YouTube two hours after it was posted.  It has since been re-posted on LiveLeak, BitChute, and PewTube.  None of these sites supports embedding video (or if they do, they’ve made it sufficiently obscure that I can’t find the links), but you can view the video by clicking the links above.