Sympathy and blasphemy

I want to call your attention to a blog post at a different site.  It is well worth the three minutes it will take to read.  It is a story about people who expressed concern for a young man who lives very far away from them.

Actually, it is about the media coverage of the concern.  Our intrepid media critic was touched by the stories, but then started asking questions.  Questions of basic journalism.  Check it out:

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Pro-Life Democrats on the run

The Pro-Life Democrats are in a tough spot.   Most of their colleagues are gone.   They could hold their caucus in a Prius.   Justice Democrats and Emily’s List are looking to fund primary challengers against them.

The Democrat Party is the Party of Death.   There is no room any more for a pro-life Democrat.   Abortion is a sacrament of the Left, and the Party demands loyalty to a core principle.   In this case the core principle is killing babies.   The murderous Democrats will carry out a purge of their own members who dare to support any limits on abortion.... [Read More]