It’s been 50 years already?

I got something in the mail the other day, it was a notice that if I wanted to attend my high school reunion I needed to remit $55 for myself and another $55 for my guest.

Huh? Where is it at etc….

Seems like the first letter, sent some time in February just didn’t make it to my mailbox. That is according to a phone call to one of the organizers.

But 50 years already! It seems like only yesterday… The old high school building is gone, burned down in the early 90’s.  A lot of memories went with that building.

I just can’t get over the time passing.

Well I’m going to attend.

Just as a topic of discussion, how many other Ratburgers found that they can’t get over the time passing ? How many attended a class reunion? Was it fun? Did they discuss what one did in one’s life? etc etc etc


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