Born Rich

Apropos 10 Cent’s post about people bribing their way into school, the 2001 film Born Rich is a fascinating look at some of the people who grew up in the richest families in America.

It started as a school project by Jamie Johnson, an heir to the J&J fortune and was eventually released at Sundance and shown on HBO.

It’s conveniently online, so I won’t say a lot about it except for a few takeaways I had from watching it.

  • I felt a surprising amount of sympathy for Jamie Johnson.  He talked about how hard it was to get credit for anything he did:  If he succeeded, people would say “obviously, with your family money” and if he failed, “how can you be so stupid to lose even with your family money?”  The scene where his uncle(?) sends him to a antique map dealer(!!) so that he can consider a career as a “map collector” borders on the surreal.
  • Ivanka Trump is featured.  One reason I was an early Trump supporter was seeing how amazing his 19 year old (at the time)  daughter was.
  • There were one or two characters who might be the first against the wall when the revolution comes, and nobody’s going to feel very bad about it.

Here’s the video on Youtube; there’s interesting background on Wiki, but I would read that after viewing for best effect.


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