Remember how President Trump rocked the boat at NATO in July of 2018, and then held a summit with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki?  And how Dems, Nevers and Talking Snake Media all went nuts when President Trump took Putin at his word, instead of repeating the blather from U.S. intelligence agency professionals ?

At the time, we said at Happy Warriors that we liked Trump’s performance, and we only wished he had been more aggressive.   In the Helsinki joint press conference, President Trump was challenged about did he trust the American intelligence community.   We said at the time that we wished he had said:... [Read More]


Svetlana Lokhova

Vice President Mike Pence told the press what he had been told by General Michael Flynn, the new National Security Advisor, which was that Michael Flynn had not told Russian Ambassador Kislyak to hold off on acting in response to President Obama’s last-minute insult to Russia.   Attorney General Sally Yates went running to tell White House lawyer Don McGahn that Flynn had lied to Mike Pence.

President Trump fired Michael Flynn on February 13, 2017.   In November that year, Michael Flynn pled guilty to lying to the FBI.... [Read More]


Media v Evangelicals 2018 part 8

Mass media, the legacy media, you know, those “Lamestream” guys, are keeping me busy tracking their continued attempts to wedge Evangelical voters away from President Trump. One way they do this is to pound on the hypocrisy angle at every opportunity. Of course, Evangelicals continue to provide lots of opportunities.

Hence the #MeTooForChurch series of exposes to detail those Evangelical pastors who have been caught in sin. Particularly notable this summer was the philandering scandal at Willow Creek, which is an Evangelical megachurch with a network of associated churches. Pastor Bill Hybels and his leadership team are out and the church is reeling. Almost every mass media outlet covered it, but all the articles seemed to be derivative of reporting by the Chicago Tribune and Religion News Service. There wasn’t an anti-Trump hook to this story, so it played out in the press the way most church scandals do.... [Read More]


Is this all there is?

I laughed at this.  Leftists at NPR are beginning to realize that there was no collusion between Donald J. Trump and the Russians to influence the election of 2016.   This distresses them.   They still give a lot of time to their wishful thinking, but there are glimpses that enlighten and amuse.

Are all the facts in this case all the facts there ever will be?... [Read More]