Sounds of Guns

We were speaking last month about the noise made by guns and gun ranges. I got to talking with Older Son about the noise from the range, and we ended up talking about the sounds of guns that we hear at home. Both of us hear guns from time to time. Our responses to the sound are very different from one place to the other.

My house is out past the suburbs, in what we laughingly call the “ru-burbs.” We are in a subdivision, but it is a subdivision in which the smallest lots have 3 acres and some lots have 5, 6 or even 10 acres. The neighborhood is people who wanted “elbow room,” but did not want to go many miles out in the countryside and away from suburban conveniences. We are four miles from the nearest business but only five miles from supermarket and a dozen restaurants. I think about half of the families with kids are homeschoolers here. It is nice to live in a neighborhood with a lot of free-range kids.... [Read More]


I want a bazooka

Robert Francis O’Rourke has been making repeal of the Second Amendment the centerpiece of his floundering campaign for the Democratic Party nomination.   Here is a recent tweet:

A woman in CO told me “hell no” she won’t give back her AR-15.

I listened, but by her logic: Why shouldn’t you be allowed to have a bazooka or a tank?

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Defense Distributed Declaration

In the ongoing litigation between Defense Distributed and state attorneys general over the distribution of three-dimensional models of firearms and components thereof over the Internet (which has been approved by all federal regulatory agencies), I was asked to submit an affidavit in support of the Defense Distributed case.  I have previously described this case here in my post “Code is Speech”.

Here is what I drafted which, after consultation with others whose efforts are much appreciated but will remain unnamed, will be submitted into the public record.  This is exactly what was submitted, less my signature: why make it easy for identity thieves?  This was submitted, as is done, in gnarly monospaced text with no mark-up.  If it shows up in your browser with awkward line breaks, try making the browser window wider and it should get better.   If you’re on a tablet or mobile phone, try it when you get back to the desktop.... [Read More]


Closer to a Fracture

In discussing the firing of Kevin Williamson a few days ago, @1967Mustangman closed the post with the observation, “…America inches closer to a fracture.” A District Court in Massachusetts  may have just moved us several feet closer thereto, in ruling that the Second Amendment permits a ban on possession of many categories of the most popular guns in the country. That the Judge, William G. Young, had a political axe to grind is suggested by his gratuitous observation in the opinion that Justice Scalia would have been “proud” of it. Such commentary in district court opinions are, let us say, unusual.

The law bans virtually all semi-automatic weapons, calling them “assault rifles.” As such, the court says (straight out of gun-banners’ talking points) they are useful to the military, therefore not protected  by the Second Amendment. This, itself, is a non sequitur.... [Read More]