Mourning on the Left

Yesterday, a police officer stationed in a Maryland school ended a shooting incident one minute after it began. Two students were wounded – one seriously – and the shooter is dead. The progressive left (really Marxists, thus totalitarians) will likely have to declare a day of mourning and protest the success of a common-sense exercise of armed self-defense and defense of others.  At the very least, the MSM (to call them “leftist” would be redundant) will simply not report this act of a good guy with a gun stopping a bad guy with a gun. That, according to progressive rubrics, that can’t happen; if it isn’t reported, it didn’t happen.

It is, leftist dogma says, “outrageous,” insane” etc. to allow individuals in schools, including teachers who so wish, to exercise their natural and Constitutional right of self-defense. Somehow, in calling for “common sense” gun control (they never say what that actually means because their real goal is to disarm everyone except the state), common sense somehow excludes citizens being able to defend against lethal force with comparable force. The end-game of such efforts can be seen in England, where, ever since guns were all-but banned, victims of armed home invasions are frequently prosecuted for defending themselves in their own homes, even when they do not use lethal force!... [Read More]