AMLO saves our election

Remember the Migrant Caravans ?  Thousands of poor people would gather in Central America, illegally crossing borders into Mexico.  Then mysterious transit would aid their passage north through Mexico to the U.S. border, where they would pour across, overwhelming our Border Patrol.

President Trump faced this crisis with aplomb.  Leftists (Democrat Party, Big Media, and the RINO rump of the GOP) opposed him tooth and nail, with lies, smears, shouting, baseless accusations, obstruction, stonewalling, foot-dragging and more lies.  Multiple Migrant Caravans dominated the news for President Trump’s first year.... [Read More]


Sinister Kullberg Network

Are you influenced by the sinister Kullberg Network? If you have any conservative Facebook friends, chances are you have been influenced in your thinking by this shadowy group.

The Kullberg network is not a foreign entity. It is a collection of at least 24 Facebook pages apparently run by a small group of people based out of Columbus, Ohio, that purports to represent the views of a diverse cohort of Americans. In many other respects, the network is quite similar to these examples [Russian and Philippine troll farms] of foreign social media manipulation. In the view of  Joshua Tucker, a professor of politics and data science at NYU, the fact that these activities stem from domestic, rather than foreign, actors complicates things. “I think if you came to Facebook and said, ‘Hey, the Russians are doing this,’ they would have taken the pages down,” he told us in a phone interview. So far, Facebook has not responded to our questions or multiple follow-ups about the Kullberg network’s practices, and the network remains online.  ... [Read More]