Inspiring Falcon Heavy Launch

During these times, when uplifting inspiration is in very short supply (my current motto is “No matter how cynical I get, I just can’t keep up”), the launch of Falcon Heavy literally brought tears to my eyes. Through the things I have learned from other ‘Burgers, I have a sense of the magnitude of the engineering work which has sent the business end of this creation into an elliptical solar orbit which will intersect with that of Mars. It is the human ingenuity and collaboration behind the launch which I find so inspiring. The event was followed by three exclamation points, in the form of the upright landings of the three booster cores.

The payload, a red (purportedly Elon Musk’s) Tesla roadster with a glorified crash dummy in a spacesuit, is whimsical to the max. It is accompanied by  the latest and greatest data storage disc, one designed to endure, to tell of human achievements and to be sent wherever we eventually go in space. Lest we be badly misunderstood by an errant E.T., I hope it explains that the red car is not really a human space conveyance.... [Read More]