Beaver swamp works

TOTD:  God’s good creation is awesome. 

The swamp behind our house is a really interesting place, but it is difficult to access. There are large parts that are impenetrable thickets, where the land had been pasture or bean fields when acquired by the Conservancy. The Conservancy is letting them grow up, but right now there is only about nine or ten years of growth because the first two or three years of Conservancy ownership included a lease back to the farmer that sold the land. A thicket with ten years’ growth is really difficult to traverse.

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First warm day

Nature Girl took me for a walk through the swamp on Sunday afternoon.   It was the first warm day of the year; after a really cold week the temperature zoomed up into the 60s Fahrenheit.   It was a nice day for a walk.   We started in midafternoon, and it was nearing sunset as we returned.   She stopped to look at something to the side of the trail.

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