Sirajuddin Haqqani

Team Trump is negotiating with the Taliban. Y’all may consider me to be a hawk, but I do not object to negotiations, and I do not have a reason to oppose a draw-down of American troops in Afghanistan. A majority of the recently-active Ratburghers have told me that they favor a complete withdrawal, and I am on record as opposing that rash proposal. There is no need to review that here, but I cannot control where y’all want to go in the comments.

Rather, this particular post is aimed at the New York Times. They published an op-ed from a terrorist. He may be a representative of the Taliban, but in this instance he is a fugitive terrorist on the FBI’s international wanted list for killing Americans.... [Read More]


Ramadan Bombathon report 2019

Ramadan ended last week.   Here is the tally.

No casualties in America this year.   A pretty big number overall.   911 killed and 1006 wounded.   Do you recall seeing any of this in the news?   Didn’t think so.

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Comparing Afghanistan and the Vietnam War

Last week, I saw a headline in passing that pulled me in: “The US and Afghanistan: can’t win the war, can’t stop it, can’t leave.”   It was in The Guardian.  Yes, that Guardian.  They quickly got to a bit that captured my attention:

Trump is now reportedly reverting to his previous sceptical stance on the Afghan imbroglio. Rand Paul, a Republican senator known for isolationist views, said Trump agreed the US should forget “fight to win” and cut and run instead. “The president told me over and over again in general we’re getting the hell out of there,” Paul told the Washington Post this week. Trump’s apparent volte-face, channelling the Grand Old Duke of York, mirrors his recent, impulsive decision to pull US troops out of Syria.   More serious students of America’s Afghan dilemma believe that whatever Trump may say, the US is stuck there indefinitely.... [Read More]