China outlook

I heard this on NPR:

“I think there’s a pretty major impact if you just look at the numbers,” says Victor Shih, a political economist at the University of California, San Diego, who studies the Chinese economy. China exports more goods to the U.S. than to any other country in the world, and those exports have dropped by more than 12% this year alone, he says.... [Read More]


Willing to Negotiate

AMLO is “willing to negotiate.”

Of course he is.   President Trump will get just what he wants, too.   Mexico will dramatically reduce the flow of Salvadoran and Guatemalan “migrants.”   And the tariff will pay for the Wall.... [Read More]


cheap metals

A couple of months ago, when President Trump first began threatening tariffs to make our international trading more fair to U.S. businesses, I posted about listening to NPR coverage of the hog crisis.

There must have been a crisis; I heard a vignette on every news show on NPR about pork production.  They spent two weeks focused on hog farmers.  We must have heard an interview with every hog farmer in America who was willing to say something critical about the proposed tariffs.  Of course, NPR kept making the point that the farm community had voted overwhelmingly for President Trump, and they repeatedly implied that President Trump was betraying the people who had voted for him.... [Read More]


Hog production crisis

There is a crisis, right?

There must be.  Every news report on NPR this week, and I mean every one, morning and evening, has featured a very long feature about the plight of poor pig farmers.  They are in crisis.  Their profits are down, prices are down, their outlook is down.  The poor, poor hog farmers are sorely oppressed.... [Read More]