Tesla Melts Up

Bubble popping cartoonTesla, Inc. (TSLA:NASDAQ), as I noted in a comment a few days ago, then had market capitalisation (stock price times number of shares outstanding) more than three times that of Ford Motor Company (F:NYSE), despite Ford’s revenues being more than seven times those of Tesla and Ford’s FY 2018 earnings of US$ 3.7 billion being somewhat greater than Tesla’s loss of US$ 69 million for FY 2019.

What a difference a few days make!  There now appears to be a cataclysmic short squeeze and/or buying panic in Tesla stock.  Here is a ten minute chart for the last few days.... [Read More]


Tesla Announces the Cybertruck

Tesla has just announced the Cybertruck, an electric-powered utility vehicle to be available in three models priced at US$39,900 (single motor rear wheel drive), US$ 49,900 (dual motor all wheel drive), and US$ 69,900 (tri-motor all wheel drive).  The range varies between 250 miles (400 km) for the least expensive model to 500 miles (800 km) for the most expensive.  More details are available on Wikipedia.

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