Gratefulness and Common Grace (a re-post)

[F]or he makes His sun rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust. ~Matthew 5:45b

Somehow we survive on this small blue planet, we fragile bipeds vulnerable to the elements, to disease, to time, and to each other. Logically, our lot is sustained misery, ended only by a merciful death. Yet mankind has done far more than survive. Our life experiences are a rich intermingling of joy and angst, satisfaction and boredom, love and suffering. We look back on our early years and we remember carefree, secure innocence. Centuries’ worth accumulated knowledge was ours to study. Next we loved, and married, and cherished children. We are paid well for skills that we are pleased to perform. And all this while we are nourished with good food, warmed with comfortable clothing, and aided when we are ill.... [Read More]


College Football 2019 – Week 14 (Thanksgiving Edition)

This Thanksgiving weekend marks the effective end of the college football regular season. All of next weekend’s games will be conference championships, followed by the Army-Navy game on December 14, and then the postseason bowls and playoffs beginning on December 20.

This week’s matchups offer a number of traditional rivalries from coast-to-coast. In the ACC, the #3 Clemson Tigers 🐅 have a showdown on the road at the South Carolina Gamecocks 🐓, the Florida State Seminoles 🏹 are at the #11 Florida Gators 🐊, and the North Carolina State Wolfpack 🐺 host the North Carolina Tar Heels 👣. The Big Ten has the #1 Ohio State Buckeyes 🍂 at the #13 Michigan Wolverines 〽️ and the #12 Wisconsin Badgers 🦡 at the #8 Minnesota Golden Gophers 🐿. The SEC gives us the #5 Alabama Crimson Tide 🐘 at the #15 Auburn Tigers 🐯, the Texas A&M Aggies 🤠 at the #2 LSU Tigers 🐅, the Vanderbilt Commodores ⚓️ at the Tennessee Volunteers 🔶, and the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets 🐝 hosting the #4 Georgia Bulldogs 🐶. Out in the PAC-12, the #14 Oregon Ducks 🦆 host the Oregon State Beavers 🐿 for the Civil War, the Stanford Cardinal 🚩 play the visiting #16 Notre Dame Fighting Irish ☘️, and Mike Leach and the Washington State Cougars 🐆 are playing the Washington Huskies 🐺 in the Apple Cup. Finally, in the Big 12, Bedlam comes with the #21 Oklahoma State Cowboys 🤠 hosting the #7 Oklahoma Sooners 👨🏻‍🌾, the #21 Iowa State Cyclones 🌪 play the Kansas State Wildcats 😺 in this year’s Farmageddon, and in their annual game for the Chancellor’s Spurs, the Texas Longhorns 🐮 host my Texas Tech Red Raiders 🏴‍☠️.... [Read More]


Time for some levity…

I was going to wait until after Thanksgiving, but it seems there are too many downers in the recent postings…

You may be in need of a chuckle…

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