Good Timin’

Back in 1960, the song Good Timing’ by Jimmy Jones was a big hit. I found myself humming it and looked it up as I thought about the important decision as to the timing of impending strategy adjustments near in the future. There will have to be a transition in strategy to deal with Covid-19. This is due to two inescapable facts: 1. There will be some more deaths, regardless and 2. The economy cannot survive many more weeks of the present strategy (and that, itself, will result in long term increases in morbidity and mortality).

Unfortunately, the MSM is not interested in informing. Rather, it is inflaming and attacking President Trump regardless of what he says or does. They are truly disgusting, beneath contempt. Should violence ensue, and I sincerely hope that will not be the case, they will be held largely responsible.... [Read More]