TOTD 2018-01-10: Natural Philosophy, Then and Now

William Herschel (1738–1822) wrote:

In this great celestial creation, the catastrophy of a world, such as ours, or even the total dissolution of a system of worlds, may possibly be no more to the great Author of Nature, than the most common accident in life with us, and in all probability such final and general Doomsdays may be as frequent there, even as Birthdays or mortality with us upon the earth. This idea has something so cheerful in it, that I know I can never look upon the stars without wondering why the whole world does not become astronomers; and that men endowed with sense and reason should neglect a science they are naturally so much interested in, and so capable of enlarging their understanding, as next to a demonstration must convince them of their immortality, and reconcile them to all those little difficulties incident to human nature, without the least anxiety.... [Read More]


TOTD 2018/1/5: Favorites Games & Toys from Your Childhood

I was thinking about this topic because my kids were home over Christmas, and even though they are in their mid-20s now, they broke out board games to play on our dining room table, late into the night.  They were none of the games I remember though! They played Settlers of Cataan, Phase 10 and King Domino.  Some that I remember from growing up in the 1960s are:

Fascination Pool – a plastic maze board that looked like a pool table – the picture above. You held it in your hands, released little balls from the center and tried to tip the board to get all the balls one by one into the color-corresponding pockets – but not let them roll into the wrong-color pocket.... [Read More]


TOTD 2018-1-3: The British Invasion – After Action Report

We all know of the Feb. 9, 1964, “The Ed Sullivan Show” appearance by the Beatles in a trip that symbolizes the start of the British Invasion. However, the group technically made their American talk/variety show debut a month earlier on January 3rd’s “The Jack Paar Show.”

Paar purchased BBC concert footage and gave a comedic commentary. The episode doubled Paar’s normal rating and supercharged interest in the Beatles in advance of their Sullivan appearance.... [Read More]