Rosneft dodge

It is always dodgy with the Russians, right?

Russian petroleum giant Rosneft just announced that they sold their interests and stakes in Venezuela.  They want to dodge U.S. sanctions.  Who did they sell to?  They ain’t saying.... [Read More]


Associated Press falsely fact-checks Trump

A.P. FACT CHECK: Trump Falsely Says Ventilators Coming “Fast”

That headline is currently featured at the Google News aggregator. The lying liars at Associated Press are saying that Trump is lying. The only evidence they give amounts to them guessing that, when the new ventilators start arriving, then the Associated Press will judge that the amount of elapsed time, whatever it is, will not qualify as “fast.” ... [Read More]


Strategic Reserve

Way to go, President Trump.

“We’re going to fill it right up to the top, saving the American taxpayer billions and billions of dollars, helping our oil industry and making us even further toward that wonderful goal, which we achieved, which nobody thought was possible, of energy independence,” Trump said during remarks Friday in the Rose Garden outlining the White House’s response to the coronavirus.... [Read More]


Fear Potion Number 19

Corona Virus Disease 19 (CoViD 19) is the word of the day, 24-7, and will be for so long as it seems useful to Talking Snake Media as a hook on which to hang criticism of Team Trump.

Team Trump is reacting really well. President Trump ordered restrictions in the very early days that helped to slow transmission. That bought us some badly needed time. And, he is playing the science card as well as possible. This is of course a controversial assertion. Media, Democrats and other Leftists say that Trump is “anti-science,” but that is just an empty slogan without any basis in truth.... [Read More]


Sirajuddin Haqqani

Team Trump is negotiating with the Taliban. Y’all may consider me to be a hawk, but I do not object to negotiations, and I do not have a reason to oppose a draw-down of American troops in Afghanistan. A majority of the recently-active Ratburghers have told me that they favor a complete withdrawal, and I am on record as opposing that rash proposal. There is no need to review that here, but I cannot control where y’all want to go in the comments.

Rather, this particular post is aimed at the New York Times. They published an op-ed from a terrorist. He may be a representative of the Taliban, but in this instance he is a fugitive terrorist on the FBI’s international wanted list for killing Americans.... [Read More]


Nigel F looking on the sunny side

Newsweek (yes, they still exist) has a guest editorial from Nigel Farage.  The bulk of the column is a review of President Trump’s State of the Union address, seemingly aimed at British readers.

Of interest to Ratburghers, here is the conclusion:... [Read More]


criminal Barr

On Monday, the prosecution submitted a sentencing recommendation to the court in the case against Roger Stone.  They recommended seven to nine years in prison.

There was immediate push-back from court watchers.   As one example, Bonchie at RedState had this to say, in a blog post:... [Read More]




Half a million refugees are now fleeing to try to find safety after civilians were targeted by Syrian air strikes in areas held by the Turkish incursion.

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Remember how President Trump rocked the boat at NATO in July of 2018, and then held a summit with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki?  And how Dems, Nevers and Talking Snake Media all went nuts when President Trump took Putin at his word, instead of repeating the blather from U.S. intelligence agency professionals ?

At the time, we said at Happy Warriors that we liked Trump’s performance, and we only wished he had been more aggressive.   In the Helsinki joint press conference, President Trump was challenged about did he trust the American intelligence community.   We said at the time that we wished he had said:... [Read More]


Catholic Trump Voters

One thing that keeps Joe Biden at the top is his appeal to Catholic voters, and the fact that Democrat Big Donors think that his appeal to Catholic voters will be essential to making the necessary margin in 2020. Biden has equivocated and dodged and provided ambiguous statements on abortion, in an attempt to retain as much of his Catholic support as possible.

Aside from Joe Biden, other Democrat candidates either aren’t Catholic, have no traction for other reasons, or are such abortion hawks that they will lose a significant share of Catholic voters, probably more than Hillary lost. The other Catholics in the race for the Democrat Nomination:... [Read More]


Black Lives MAGA

Trump and his campaign launched a new “Black Voices for Trump” outreach initiative in Atlanta on Friday dedicated to “recruiting and activating Black Americans in support of President Trump,” according to the campaign. Much of that effort will focus on highlighting ways that African Americans have benefited from the Trump economy, according to advisers.

“The support we’re getting from the African American community has been overwhelming,” Trump told the crowd, which included supporters wearing red “BLACK LIVES MAGA” hats.

He predicted victory in 2020, and said, “We’re going to do it with a groundswell of support from hardworking African American patriots.”

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A reporter defends honest people

USA Today ran this column.  A reporter went to visit his hometown, and wrote a column defending the hillbillies for voting for President Trump.

The column tells us more about the reporter and his journalist friends than it tells about a small town in southeast Ohio.   The tone is sad, as in, the reporter is sad that his hometown people say they will vote for Trump again.  He wrote to rationalize them to his pals.

The hometown is struggling, as all of Appalachia struggles.   But more of them have jobs now, and they rightly attribute this to President Trump.


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