Ali at the P.O.

Ali is a damn good engineer. He is a Turkish immigrant. While he was raising a family he could only afford to go home every other year for a visit. He would send the wife and kids over for three or four weeks during summer vacation. He would go join them for the second half of the time, so he could fly back together with them. A few days after he returned from one of those trips, I got a chance to ask him about the trip. He told me a few interesting things. Then, about a month later, we had one of our delightful political discussions, and it prompted him to tell me a story.

I had asked if he would want to retire back to Turkey some day. He snorted. “No.”... [Read More]




Half a million refugees are now fleeing to try to find safety after civilians were targeted by Syrian air strikes in areas held by the Turkish incursion.

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Andrew McCarthy on Turkey and the Kurds

On October 8th, 2019, National Review ran an editorial, “Trump’s Syria Mistake”, which concluded,

Sometimes, however, there are obviously incorrect decisions. Trump made just such a decision Sunday night, and if Turkish military action is already under way, it may be difficult to correct. He should try. Kurdish troops have fought and died alongside Americans, combatting our common jihadist enemy. Moral decency and strategic wisdom dictate that we don’t abandon then now. The Kurds deserve better than still more death, this time at the hands of Turkey’s authoritarian regime.... [Read More]