—I have frequent wardrobe mishaps. For instance, I might swivel my head to look at you, and suddenly a lens from my sunglasses will fall away, leaving one eye freakishly staring out from an empty frame. Today, I did the thing with the extra long sweater I found at the thrift store: I once again shut it in the car door, so that a piece of my clothing was fluttering in the cold morning air while the rest of me was in the heated car. The first time this happened, I had to go in the bathroom and wash mud out of a section of the garment. Fortunately, today, no follow up was required. I should know now to check when I get in the car, but I never think of it.

—Colleagues at my new job want to friend me on Facebook. I am a passive FB friender, and I had no plans to blend my personal account with work. I’ve visualized myself explaining my reluctance to accept friendship requests, and the imaginary me comes off as petty, all explanations sounding like lame excuse-making. A request has already come through, so I hit on a plan to make everyone happy: I would create an FB account just for my work friends and post a few key pictures on it. Bad idea. FB discouraged me from creating a unique name, and what’s more, wrested a phone number and work e-mail from me. I’m sure this new account is going to bob up on friends’ suggested people list, and my new, pale FB silhouette is going to be bombarded with friend requests. I’d like to delete the account, but don’t see a way to do so. FB has already sent three messages to my work e-mail. Make it stop! And now I’m not any farther in my quest to not offend anyone at work.... [Read More]