Viganò vindicated – fingered by Figueiredo

Famous Bad Boy former-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick is back in the news, along with famous Bad Boy Cardinal Donald Wuerl.   A priest who was formerly McCarrick’s secretary and served as an aide on McCarrick’s travels to Rome has released some interesting correspondence that sheds light on what did Wuerl and Pope Francis know and when did they know it.   Other interesting inside-baseball Catholic issues are addressed.

You may recall that it was last year that Archbishop Viganò wrote a couple of letters about Theodore McCarrick, stating that Pope Benedict XVI had informally instructed him to quit public appearances and travel, but that McCarrick disregarded his instructions, and that Pope Francis knew all this and rehabilitated McCarrick anyway.   Viganò was trashed by fans of Pope Francis and called a liar by Pope Francis himself.   This new release of information corroborates some of Viganò’s key allegations.... [Read More]


Catholic Distress

Since the Church of Rome is America’s largest faith group, everyone ought to have a little understanding about the important parts of the scandals that are rocking the Catholic Church. This is a big deal that will affect most of the culture wars and will spill over into politics. Of course, Big Media won’t cover any part of this except the parts that affect politics, and they can be relied on to bury the parts that embarrass the Left. So, here is a long post by a schismatic Lutheran to explain some of the distress in the Catholic Church.

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops scheduled a conference last November, intended to get serious about setting up a monitoring and checks and balances system to address the sexual scandals in their own ranks. The lay Catholics, with the whole world watching, had been catching on that there were priests who had committed sexual sins and who had disappeared with some vague words about penance. Then it started coming out that bad priests had simply been moved around, in most cases with their new diocese unaware of their sexually sinful past. It turned out that this had happened in an astonishingly large number of cases, which became clear when the Pennsylvania Attorney General released a long and damning report on an investigation into sexual sins by priests. What really frosted the lay Catholics was that bishops who had preached about the need for openness and clarity and penance and oversight and confession and such, turned out to be the men who had deliberately hid the bad cases, covered for them, and in some cases put sexual predator priests into positions where they could repeat their bad behaviors.... [Read More]



LifeSiteNews is a small anti-abortion activist group, pro-life journalism outlet, and news aggregator. It was launched in 1997 as a spinoff of Campaign Life Coalition. Both are based in Toronto. Unless you are a traditionalist Catholic or a pro-life culture warrior, you probably never heard of them.

They have had a lot of excitement lately.   For a year they have been fighting for their life as an organization. They had become very dependent on their Facebook page as their primary way to communicate with their network of donors, most of whom are Catholic families making small-time contributions. Facebook has been waging war against them.... [Read More]