An Expose of a “Big Lie”

Like many, I found a few shiny nuggets of value in Peterson’s evocative ramblings and dismissed the rest as meaningless bafflegarb, never stepping back to appreciate the deeper meaning and motivation in Peterson’s overall philosophic system. Fortunately, Vox Day did. What he finds there is shocking – the gyrations of an intellectual con artist tying together strands from Jungian psychology and occult “wisdom” to weave a tapestry of deception disguised as a self-help guide and intended to be a foundational text for a postmodern secular religion. Vox Day exposes Peterson’s rejection of truth and reality in favor of a gnostic gospel of “balance” – a middle way between truth and falsehood, between good and evil. This short but clear and helpful text provides an essential inoculation against some of the most dangerous and virulent intellectual fallacies of our times. Check out Jordanetics.


Book Review: SJWs Always Double Down

“SJWs Always Double Down” by Vox DayIn SJWs Always Lie Vox Day introduced a wide audience to the contemporary phenomenon of Social Justice Warriors (SJWs), collectivists and radical conformists burning with the fierce ardour of ignorance who, flowing out of the academic jackal bins where they are manufactured, are infiltrating the culture: science fiction and fantasy, comic books, video games; and industry: technology companies, open source software development, and more established and conventional firms whose managements have often already largely bought into the social justice agenda.

The present volume updates the status of the Cold Civil War a couple of years on, recounts some key battles, surveys changes in the landscape, and provides concrete and practical advice to those who wish to avoid SJW penetration of their organisations or excise an infiltration already under way.... [Read More]


Comics: Alt🟊Hero

Vox Day“Alt*Hero” by Vox Day’s talents span many media.  He has been a musician, composer, video game designer, computer peripheral inventor, game reviewer, polemicist (author of SJWs Always Lie among other works), book publisher, and activist in opposing the social justice warrior/political correctness infiltration of science fiction and fantasy publishing and fandom.

Believing that “politics is downstream of culture”, he is not one to see the culture be co-opted by the slavers without doing something about it.  One of his latest ventures is in a genre where the social justice warriors have inflicted massive damage on an innocent recreation that has entertained generations: superhero comic books.... [Read More]