Svetlana Lokhova

Vice President Mike Pence told the press what he had been told by General Michael Flynn, the new National Security Advisor, which was that Michael Flynn had not told Russian Ambassador Kislyak to hold off on acting in response to President Obama’s last-minute insult to Russia.   Attorney General Sally Yates went running to tell White House lawyer Don McGahn that Flynn had lied to Mike Pence.

President Trump fired Michael Flynn on February 13, 2017.   In November that year, Michael Flynn pled guilty to lying to the FBI.... [Read More]


Killing Journalism

“It’s almost as if the effort to undo Trump has had an unexpected effect — that Trump has somehow broken the news media.”

That is a quote from a long essay at Esquire last month by Peter Boyer.   Boyer wrote about changes to news coverage of the President of the United States because of Donald J. Trump.   He, of course, blames Trump.   But he is clearly distressed at the current state of affairs.   His essay concentrates on the New York Times, with a long section about the Washington Post and a couple of asides about CNN.  I bookmarked the link to Boyer’s essay.   It is an interesting read.   I think it will make a helpful addition to the obituary for the national press.... [Read More]


Changing their tune

The James W. Foley Legacy Foundation held their annual awards dinner. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was not there. Instead, he was the interviewee at Fox and Friends, where he revealed that he had been notified that he would be the recipient of their signature award and had been invited to the Foundation’s annual banquet, but then he was notified that they were rescinding the award and he was dis-invited.

The return of hostages isn’t partisan. It’s not political. This is an American activity,” he said.... [Read More]


Media v Evangelicals 2018 part 7

Things have been sort of quiet since my last installment in this series, what with our mass media consumed 24/7 by Trump, Russians, Mueller, Manafort, and Michael Cohen. However there were a few items that might have slipped your notice.

A historian had a book tour. Eerdmans Publishing hooked John Fea up with a tour to promote Believe Me: The Evangelical Road To Donald Trump. This got a mild round of approving articles in the usual spaces. The book is evidently pretty dry, because if it had any juice he would have been treated to a higher-profile tour. ... [Read More]


Oscars low ratings

The Oscars is one of those shows that has become a touchstone of popular culture.  Because movies are such an important element of modern American culture, many people entertain themselves by following who is nominated and then anticipating the awards and the patter of the show’s hosts, along with snippets from the films and some video and stage presentations.   It is supposed to be a star-studded celebration of celebrities associated with films, and it generally delivers that.   (I have not watched the Oscars in many years, and am speaking from memory.)

The big news that came out of this year’s Oscars show was the low ratings of the show.   Conservatives blamed the Oscars, saying many former viewers tuned out because they are tired of the tedious and tendentious speechifying and moralizing that have become hallmarks of the show in recent years. Leftist mass media blamed President Trump.... [Read More]