TOTD 1/2: Small Business

Mine, that is.  Today is the fifteenth anniversary of the startup of my LLC, and also marks the year my total of independent employment exceeds my years as an employee of others.  Although the legal details were prepared and registered (quietly) in December of ’02, fifteen years ago today, three of my peers and I simultaneously resigned from the industrial systems integration firm of which we were senior employees.

We each had discussed our frustrations with the 51% owner’s management style, and his apparent intention to never yield any more ownership to future partners.  Gaining ownership was a five-year goal I had stated outright when I interviewed for that job, with that owner, four years before.  Or more precisely, when asked for my five year goal, I answered “Ownership of or partnership in a company like yours.”... [Read More]


Illustrating a magazine article

This is one of those posts about the kind of job you do. I do graphic design and also quite a bit of illustrating – the hand-drawn kind.

One client I have is a trade mag for the hotel industry, for which I illustrate an article a month. I don’t know a whole lot about that industry, but when the editor emails me the article she answers any questions I have. Recently an article concerned the dilemma some hoteliers face when their brand headquarters demands they implement a PIP – that’s a Property Improvement Plan. Some hotel owners go through with the PIP to upgrade their hotel, but others opt to sell the hotel outright or ‘flip’ it to a new flag (hotel brand). Each of these choices has its own issues, expenses and time-consumption. The editor wanted me to illustrate the quandary of choosing between these options.... [Read More]