Private: WordPress Color Palette Question

The other day, my computer mouse was acting a little wonky. I tried to select the menu option for my unread notifications and somehow ended up on a page with color palettes.

Now, when I go to create a new post, the page is rendered in this weird, brown color palette.... [Read More]


Administration: WordPress Updated to Version 5.2

At 14:13 UTC on 2019-05-09 the version of WordPress upon which the site runs was updated to the newly released version 5.2.  Before installing the update on the production site, I performed a series of tests running the new version on the test site, which I brought up with a mirror of the running configuration on the production site with the version 5.2 update kit including all of our local modifications applied.  Details of this testing process was posted on the 2019-05-08 entry in the Updates group.  (Access to the test site is restricted to my IP address range and the site is only up when required for testing major updates such as this; it is not intended for user access.)

WordPress: Worthless, and also free... [Read More]


WordPress Version 5.1 Installed

As of 13:34 UTC today, 2019-02-25, the site is running on the recently-released WordPress 5.1 update.  All of our local modifications to the core code have been integrated into the new version and tested on the “Raw” server before being installed here on the production site.  The update should be completely transparent to users, as it consists entirely of internal changes in the code intended to improve stability and fix myriad flaws and performance problems in the “block editor” which do not and will never use here.

Details of the testing procedure for 5.1 are posted the Updates Group post for 2019-02-24.  This was simultaneously a massive and trivial update of WordPress.  Almost every PHP and JavaScript file in the software was modified.  Since JavaScript and CSS style sheets were modified, if you notice something odd-looking, you might want to try clearing your browser cache (Ctrl-Shift-Delete on many browsers—be sure to clear only the cache, not cookies or browsing history) and reloading the page.  So far, I have noticed nothing in my testing which required clearing the cache, but your kilometrage may differ.... [Read More]


Ratburger First Anniversary, WordPress 5.0 Update

First birthday opened to the public on December 10th, 2017, one year ago today, and the first member (non-administrator) account was registered on that day.  A year later, we have 143 members who have made 2,230 posts and 28,048 comments.  In the month of November 2017 (I cite the last full month, as partial month statistics can be misleading), the site welcomed a daily average of 1448 visits per day, with visitors viewing 9303 pages involving delivery of 24,745 files.

In the month of November, overall statistics were:... [Read More]


WordPress Update Installed

I have just installed the WordPress update to version 4.9.2.  This update contains security, bug fixes, and support for a new audio format.  There should be no user-visible changes.

WordPress is, along with BuddyPress, the software foundation upon which is built.  Ratburger has a number of features which require changes in the WordPress core code, so I have integrated these changes into the new release.  It’s always possible, of course, that I may have fat-fingered something, so if you notice anything which seems amiss (the update was installed at 22:20 UTC on 2018-01-17), please note in a comment or in the Bug Reports group.  I will leave this post at the top of the main page for around twelve hours.... [Read More]