“America the Beautiful” as sung by the Silver Fox

You know, in the bayous of Louisiana – quelle beau pays – that’s what the Cajuns say.
And in New York’s Little Italy – que bella terra – that’s how they say it their way.
And in the beer halls of Milwaukee, you’ll hear the words wie schöne das Land.
And it’s que lindo país – that’s what you’ll hear them say along the border, down by the Rio Grande.
You know there’s a lot of ways to say it. And it’s a privilege to play it.
‘Cause a lot of good people earned it. And this is how I learned it…


G-d bless Her Christian Majesty, Defender of the Faith

G-d save the Queen.   I have a new Christmas tradition, for the past three years, which is listening to the Christmas broadcast of Queen Elizabeth II of the UK and British Commonwealth of Nations.   She has stepped into the spiritual breach, and has been bringing the Good News to her subjects.  She begins with themes of home, and ends with the Gospel of Jesus the Christ, our Lord and Savior.

Here is her message for this year.   It is well worth your nine minutes of time.... [Read More]