• 10 Cents posted an update in the group Group logo of Bug ReportsBug Reports 11 months, 2 weeks ago

    The drop down menu from the notification blue bubble was in Italics.

    • Okay now. I wonder what happened.

    • It was on my iPad. I took a screen shot. It is in my draft folder.

    • It’s probably an unclosed italics tag in the post you were viewing at the time. This can cause the rest of the site below the tag to turn into italics. This last happened on an EThompson page last Saturday. I haven’t seen it happen today.

    • Update: it’s in TKC’s post. When you display that post, it turns the rest of the site to italics. I’ll fix it.

    • Uhhh…you appear to be editing that post right now. I’ll let you fix it to avoid stepping on your edits. If you can’t find the problem, exit the edit and let me know and I’ll go looking for it.

    • I let you do it. I looked at the Visual and it looked okay. It needs to be checked in Text.

    • It’s fixed now. The formatting in that post was a pile of horseshit. I’ll bet it was pasted in from a word processor and that Microsoft was in the loop somewhere. In addition to a rogue unclosed {em} tag at the end of the paragraph in bold, there were a number of 4000×3000 pixel images inserted full size which blew into the left margin of the page. I resized all of the images to 640×480. I also fixed some eccentric spacing within and between paragraphs.

      Given how much crap WordPress allows you slip in when pasting text from a word processor, it’s a wonder we haven’t see anything more damaging (for example, an unclosed container tag that makes everything beneath disappear)

      If WordPress were not a giant hack, it would encapsulate each post and comment so that it could not affect things outside itself. But WordPress is a giant hack.