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    I like the way sites like Quora and Ace of Spade HQ let the “Read More” link expand the post in question within the top-level feed. On Ratburger, it follows the WordPress default of opening the page in a separate tab or window.

    • This is a WordPress site. The goal from the outset was not to do large-scale software development of features which might be nice but do not fundamentally improve the utility of the site. We have precisely one software developer—me—and any local modifications have to be maintained into the indefinite future.

      Many of these sites that expand in-line do so by downloading the entire text of the post to the user’s browser, but use a container with “display: none;” to hide the balance of the text. This avoids a page reload, but at the cost of dramatically increasing the size of the download of the main page. This not only makes the home page load slower (consider that many of my Saturday Night Science posts run around 3000 words, but the two paragraph excerpt is usually less than 200 words), but for people on mobile devices, they can get killed on data download charges for things they never see.

      After experience with, which so cluttered up their home page with gimmicks and plug-ins that it often took more than six seconds to load, I always look carefully at page load time (Brave displays it in the address bar) and start to worry when it approaches the one second mark.

    • Good points…

      I’ve been thinking I need to work on my website because it was too slow – the homepage loads in 5 seconds and the blog in 7. Time to streamline some. Any thoughts on a good, efficient WordPress theme?

    • “good, efficient WordPress theme?”
      I don’t think a theme is responsible for WordPress’s lack of goodness or efficiency…. /-: