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    For the past week or so, intermittently, when I click “mark all notifications as read,” and go to “delete all marked as read,” I either the latter link does not work or I get Mac’s spinning beachball of death. FYI.

    • I know how frustrating a “cannot reproduce”response is, but I use this function frequently on both desktop (Ubuntu/Chromium) and mobile (Android/Chome) platforms and have never seen this problem.

      When you say “the latter link does not work”, what happens when you click it? Does it do nothing, or something else which does not delete the posts? When you click it, do you get the confirmation message about deleting the posts? When you get the beach ball, is this before or after the confirmation message?

    • I have not mention this but when I go to save a post, the interface hangs. At that time I open the site in another tab and in that tab complete what I am doing. I don’t know why the system hangs at times. I just know it doesn’t want to complete the task in a timely fashion.

    • Sorry, initially, I couldn’t figure out how to reply directly, so I put my answer to John’s questions in a new bug report. After I click on “Marl all notifications read,” I get to the next page. There, when I click on “delete all read notifications” either nothing happens or I get the spinning beachball. (It remains a long time. I haven’t waited more than a minute to see if it times out). Thanks.

    • Fixed! Thank you!