• bruce posted an update in the group Group logo of R.O.U.S.R.O.U.S. 5 months, 3 weeks ago

    The last few weeks I have been exploring SDF and waiting for my account to be validated. I browsed the Grex site as well and found ROUS. Can anyone who attempted to validate their SDF account comment on how long that takes. If anyone has joined both please share your thoughts.

    • No clue. Hit me up on mail there. haven;t checked in on Grex in a while — can;t get out of the MENU meta-shell.

    • I will send a email when my sdf account is validated. I sent in $1 because I just wanted validation to explore a bit. Now that I see Public Access Unix is on the ropes generally and SDF is like an old factory somehow keeping the lights on. Maybe I should have sent in more money 🙂 I think there is a place for SDF and Grex as pure text based operations. Hard to say more until I can get in the door and explore.