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    I wanted my latest OP to be in the “Humor” section. I went to the Humor section and thought by opening my topic there, it might end up in the Humor group… Did it? (It has the word “Trivia” in the title.) If I did not get it inside “Humor” then pls explain: how do I direct a new OP to be in any one forum over another?

    • I think you are talking about Categories, right?

      I see the right categories were selected now.

    • When composing a post, you specify its categories in the “Categories” box at the right of the composition box (on narrow-screen devices, such as many mobile platforms, it may be at the bottom, below the composition window). Check the categories in which you wish the post to appear (you can check as many as you like) and, optionally, enter tags for the post (providing finer detail than categories). The category you were viewing has no influence on the category(ies) of a new post you compose. It’s customary to specify categories indicating how controversial a post is (Mild, Medium, Extra hot) and its length (Long, Short, Tweet) along with indications of the subject matter. I have added categories of “Humour”, “Mild”, and “Short” to your post.