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    I tried to make a reply in one of the topics up about the Royal Wedding. Once I hit “send” I got taken to a dialogue box that made me admit I am not a robot. And I had to check the photos that were of store fronts. And then I had to submit other stuff, like my email. I did all that, and still couldn’t make the post. I had Word up and running – this is the first time I had Word running while RB is being read. What gives?

    • Comments with a lot of links look like spam to the protection software. It has happened before.

    • If it’s this comment to which you are referring, the comment, as originally posted, contained a large quantity of HTML and CSS mark-up, presumably because the content was pasted in from a word processor or another Web site in “rich text” (text plus formatting) mode. This caused it to be flagged as spam by Akismet, which triggered the allow list request. Even after that validation was done, the comment was placed in the Spam folder because a scan of it identified it as spam.

      I edited the comment, removed the extraneous mark-up which caused the spam detection to occur (and which would have also caused the comment to be incorrectly formatted), and marked the comment as Not Spam. It now appears in the post for which it was intended.

      When you paste content from another formatted source into a post or comment, WordPress attempts to preserve the formatting. This is often handy, as you don’t have to re-create italics, bold, links, and other mark-ups in the text. But if the source document contains snowdrifts of cruft (as is the case, for example, when pasting from Microsoft Word), it may trigger the spam filter.

      We allow up to 25 links in a comment without classifying it as spam. Links were not the problem with this comment.